Products at a glance

Manufacturers and Exporters of  Tarpaulins, Plastic Sheetings, PP Bags Vermibed, Geomembrane  etc.

At every stages of manufacturing process, strict measures are taken for quality control. Our products are not only for today's needs but also for future demands.

Our major products are PE Tarpaulin, Plastic Sheeting, Ground Sheeting, Geomembrane, Tents, Shelters, Pond Lining, Canal Lining, Fumigation cover, HDPE Woven Bags, PP Woven Bags, Vermibed and Ropes etc

Tarpaulin, a multi-utility product for a variety of uses be it for camping, recreation, business storage, transportation etc. to name a few .....


P.E. Tarpaulins P.P. Bags / Jumbo Bags / Silage Bags
Plastic Sheetings & Tents Vermibed / Agro Sheets
Canal Lining / Pond Lining Geomembrane
Fumigation Covers / Temporary Storage & Shelter